Spiked Breast Binder With Nipple Holes

Posted 09.16.2021

Made from strict leather, this breast binder should last. Make chest pains take on a whole new meaning with the strict leather spiked breast binder.

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Spiked Bra Binder

Xnxx caballo y mujer xxx porno. Keep the binders loose for a light touch, or make them nice and tight for a flash of sensual discipline.

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Stimulating your partner's chest can be a pleasurable endeavor for the both of you. Each studded disk slides along a series of nipple openings, allowing you to accommodate a sub of any size. Irish pub restaurant springfield illinois wonderful food service. Combine beauty and pain with the studded spiked breast binder.

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Breast Binder

These binders can be adjusted to accommodate most users. Exercise doesn't make your breasts bigger. You control the level of pain with the fully adjustable leather straps.

Dominix Deluxe Leather Bed Restraint Corner Straps
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